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Classuper – website for teachers, tutors and trainers.


Build your own, individual, digital educational environment: create tests, track your students’ progress, publish homework and give grades on fulfilled tasks. Organize user-friendly schedule for everyone and manage your time. Share news on tutors website and be in touch with your students!


Forget about paperwork! Using our website for teachers You can create your own virtual class, where you will be able to exchange theoretical materials and documents with your students, assign homework and create tests. The progress of each student will be monitored through detailed statistics. Create your first virtual class and start saving your time right now!


Easy organization of learning process with clients. Share cases, methodologies and life hacks with your listeners. Create test tasks, examine its performance, monitor the progress of your group or a single individual. Classuper – website for trainers. It provides everything that is needed for the effective training activity.

Create your own "Virtual class"


Simple and convenient blackboard will help to inform your students about latest events. Did you reschedule the training session? Your students will get to know about it without delay and adjust their plans according to changes!

Document exchange.

Upload and download files in different formats! Publish theoretic materials, tasks, various useful materials and fulfilled homework assignments.


Systemize your educational process and get quick access to files, schedule and tasks. Plan your classes. Link lessons to time and don’t keep all the information in mind.

Students testing

Create your test using questions of all types. You can compose your test in less than 2 minutes. Detailed statistics on each student are available for the teacher.

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