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Simplify teacher’s life

Classuper will help teachers of different educational institutions, including schools, universities, colleges and so on, to use their working time in the most effective way. Form your own, individual, digital space for communication with students. Automate routine work. Delegate some of your authority to the assistant / headman.


Create your own "Virtual class"


Simple and convenient blackboard will help to inform your students about latest events. Did you reschedule the training session? Your students will get to know about it without delay and adjust their plans according to changes!

Document exchange

Upload and download files in different formats! Publish theoretic materials, tasks, various useful materials and fulfilled homework assignments.


Systemize your educational process and get quick access to files, schedule and tasks. Plan your classes. Link lessons to time and don’t keep all the information in mind.

Students testing

Choose already made tests from huge data base or create your own unique test by yourself. You can compose your test in less than 2 minutes. Detailed statistics on each student are available for the teacher.