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Effective training

Organize learning process with your clients. Virtual class provides everything that is needed for the effective training activity. Less routine – more effectiveness!


Create your own "Virtual class"


Keep your audience informed with latest events. If you need to reschedule a class urgently or modify your time-table, notify your customers about all the changes with just three clicks. Blackboard will help your listeners to get to know about any relevant information instantly!

Document exchange

Upload and download files in different formats! Just a few seconds and your listeners would be able to have the access to all necessary documents. All files in one will place never be lost.


Systemize your educational process and get quick access to files, schedule and tasks. Plan your classes. Link lessons to time and don’t keep all the information in mind.

Listeners testing

You will be able to create test by yourself in less than 2 minutes right on the platform. You will also have the option of choosing test from our database. Both the speaker and the listener will have expanded statistics for each of the tests.